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The languages only differ in their grammar, their pronunciation and their most common words.

Solidarity Participation

Dear All, ​Thank you very much for coming forward and submitting your articles, creative arts for Solidarity participation on Coronavirus Outbreak. Publishing all of the articles as follows: Contents: Ananya Vashishtha: LIFE WITH COVID-19 Aparna Anand: The fearful joy Arul Meshram: Naruto – We will get through this Ashish Dilip Kulkarni: 我不是病毒 : 中国加油 : I am not Virus Bhargav Joshi: Wounded Dragon is Rising! Rahul Rana: The unfinished fight Dr. Satyajeet Narode: China’s Fightings Spirit Sukesh Rao: Corona Virus (COVID 19) – Challenge Accepted by […]