Dear All,

Thank you very much for attending the IA Diwali Nite with Pratibha Baghel. It was an example of the “new normal” of Diwali event where Pratibha performed live from Mumbai Studio, event was live streamed at the Consulate General of India, Shanghai, on Zoom, Facebook, at KOG and event was controlled from Shenzhen.

Everybody - no matter whether they were at home or at CGI, enjoyed the 2 hour program forgetting about the COVID-19 pain for a while. It was a truly mesmerizing event. Pratibha’s spontaneous, dynamic, crowd pulling, and vibrant “Pratibha” made everyone go crazy for 2 hours.

The program begun with Rahul, introducing about Indian Association. Four new board members were included in IA Team - Nitin, Vishnu, Divya and Shilpa. Here is the IA team for 2020-2022

Then he introduced all of IA’s sponsors who supported community for throughout the year; and finally called the advertisers for Indradhanush. Then President of Indian Association, Mukesh Sharma, delivered a keynote speech about IA’s initiatives on Health, Hope and Humanity during the Covid-19 pandemic. Followed by Shri Yashbir Singh, Consul (Political, Visa & Consular), read the message given by Shri Vikram Misri, Ambassador of India to China.

Then the event begun with the live performance of Pratibha Baghel from Mumbai Studio.

  • IA sponsors and Indian Consulate team were present at the consulate hall to light the lamp and conducting Diwali Pooja
  • The event was watched by more than 100 community members on Zoom
  • The event streamed live on Facebook which got over 770 video views

Scroll down for the event photos and link to download Indradhanush 2020



The digital copy of Indradhanush 2020 is also released. Use this link to download Indradhanu 2020 Digital Copy.

Please note that you have to copy-paste the URL in the browser. BaiduDisk also requires to login before download.

If you are facing any difficulties in accessing BaiduDisk then kindly contact either of Divya, Vishnu or Bhargav. Here are the WeChat ids.

  • Divya: divyaraj17
  • Vishnu: r_vishnushnker
  • Bhargav: bhargavjoshi20

Looking forward to the next event.

Indian Association wishes the community, a very happy Diwali and prosperous new year 2021


Team ia.

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