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​Thank you very much for coming forward and submitting your articles, creative arts for Solidarity participation on Coronavirus Outbreak.

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  1. Ananya Vashishtha: LIFE WITH COVID-19
  2. Aparna Anand: The fearful joy
  3. Arul Meshram: Naruto – We will get through this
  4. Ashish Dilip Kulkarni: 我不是病毒 : 中国加油 : I am not Virus
  5. Bhargav Joshi: Wounded Dragon is Rising!
  6. Rahul Rana: The unfinished fight
  7. Dr. Satyajeet Narode: China’s Fightings Spirit
  8. Sukesh Rao: Corona Virus (COVID 19) – Challenge Accepted by CHINA
  9. Sumedha De: We believe in You! Let’s help each other.
  10. Music Maestro – Lalit Pandit

1. Ananya Vashishtha

Submission: LIFE WITH COVID-19

There were those days, where my mother and father had topush me to go out and take just a walk. There were days where I never actuallypaid a lot of attention of what amazing aspects of nature I was getting,senselessly thinking, “It’s always going to be there.” Why do I say that youask? Because of what I am experiencing now.

2020, the year of the Rat, China reports cases of COVID-19also known as Corona virus. Normally, at this time of the year, the Chinese NewYear is celebrated.  It is one of China’smost important festival where tens and millions of Chinese people from all overthe world visit their hometown and celebrate with their families by eatingtheir dinner together. Unfortunately, this year wasn’t as joyous as it wasexpected.

But what exactly is coronavirus? Well, it’s a virus firstdiscovered in Wuhan which can cause a variety of different effects on our body.It can range from a common cold to severe respiratory problems. Andunfortunately, because of this deadly complication, thousands have lost theirlives and yet many more are suffering from all over the globe.

Having a population of 24 million people, Shanghai, is oneof the busiest city in China. Each day, a large number of people set out forwork. Children riding to school, businessmen rushing to their offices, busesand metros going about carrying people every single day. Yet, it is hard tobelieve that the active streets of Shanghai, have now become deserted. Thenumber of people taking public transport has decreased drastically from about 3million to only 2 to 3 thousand every day.

Even if it seems to be depressing, positives can also befound at this time. In fact, I have seen a few improvements in myself such asimproving my hygiene. I wash hands regularly and thoroughly. I also takeprecautions like always wearing a mask before going out and also avoid touchingmy face.

Also because of the severity of the virus, schools andoffices have all been shut down and E-learning is taking place. This hasallowed me to spend majority of my time with my family. I have also developed astronger bond with my sister as a result of this family time. I don’t remembergetting to spend so much time at home since the start of the school year. Ihave lot of time to pursue my hobbies for example I have started playing Piano.Even the environment is improving because of the fewer number of vehicles onthe road causing less pollution. Also, now people will probably take a littlemore care about the wild life as that is the main reason for this entireissue.

Inspite of such stressful situation, many people around usare risking their lives in order to provide comfort to others. First, we shouldthank all the brave frontline medical staff who are working around the clock,risking their own lives to save the lives of others. They deserve a big call ofappreciation. But they aren’t the only ones, all the police and guards arestill working day and night to fulfil their duties despite the situation. Andeven people such as many taxi drivers have volunteered to drive all thesemedical staff home and to the hospital in Wuhan. All the delivery boys arestill operating around the city providing people with their daily necessitieswithout which our life wouldn’t be as smooth at this point of time. And let’snot forget-the government! The government has monitored every step of thiswhole problem and managed it all so well no one can ever imagine. They aredefinitely worthy for a debt of gratitude.

Although this has affected all of us in one way our another,we must have faith in god that soon, everything will be just as it was threemonths ago and also learn from our old mistakes. Each problem has a purposefulreason behind it. Of course, so far this has been an extremely painful andheartbreaking part of our lives that will definitely not be forgotten by somemore than others. But we all must stand strong together and be cautious aboutour health and our surroundings and believe that very soon, these colorlessstreets will become vivid again.

About Ananya

Ananya Vashishtha

I’m Ananya Vasishtha from Rajasthan, India. I have beenliving in Shanghai for 7 years now and I am studying in grade seven in ShanghaiSingapore International School. I am 13 years old and I was here all along whenthe corona virus started. My family decided to stay in Shanghai during thisperiod. When I heard about this platform about penning down my feelings aboutthe situation, I couldn’t stop myself. I really hope that sooner or later thissituation will end and is forgotten and life will return to normal. Thank you!

2. Aparna Anand

Submission: The fearful joy

The day when it broke!!

How all it broke? What all it broke?

Cough! Sneeze! Feelings! Living! Freedom! Doctor! Patient!

Who all it shook?

Me, my family, friends in and out of my place. The whole world!

It was “The Corona”!!

I was watching Shia, He was watching Emma.

Though the country had lot of drama!

It is my coffee cup,

Which keeps my confidence up!

As the milk empties drop by drop,

It increases my fear of climbing down, to fill my cup!

While people outside the country can only see negativephase,

The death, The economy drop, The threat, the Danger!

Without option I can see only positive phase,

The beauty of home, The precious life, The purestrelationship, The helping hands!

The way I create my joyful arena,

I can rarely think of dangerous Corona.

Because when I become such inspiring persona,

Others can destroy their kind of fearful arena.

Though I feel this kind of living is like life of toy…

Ohh boy!! Common let’s enjoy this rare kind of “Fearfuljoy

About Aparna:

Aparna Anand

I’m Aparna Gopal, living in Shanghai since 3 years with myhusband Vinay Anand. We decided to stay back in Shanghai and face theconsequences with a smile rather than fearing the dread. Best wishes

3. Arul Meshram

Naruto – We will get through this

About Arul:

Hello, I am Arul Meshram from India living in Shanghai. I’m10 years old studying in 4th grade at SCIS Pudong. My hobbies are drawingand playing soccer!  I love swimming and I am in SCIS swim team. Thisis my third year in Shanghai. I love this city.

Ashish Dilip Kulkarni

Submission: 我不是病毒 :中国加油 : I am not Virus

I am not a virus

About Ashish D Kulkarni

Ashish Dilip Kulkarni

Myself Ashish D Kulkarni, working Indian IT company in Dalian, Liaoning  Province, China last 8 years.

Bhargav Joshi

Submission: Wounded Dragon is Rising!

Wounded Dragon

Image courtesy:×768 

On 22nd of January, 2020; entire world was inshock, nervous and horrified by reading the news of nCov-2019 Corona Virusspread in Wuhan. The virus quickly started spreading within China and overseas.All countries started cutting off access with China. One by one major Chinesecities started locking down; people were quarantined for 14 days, stayed attheir house and cannot go out. The death rate started rising exponentially andforeigners were rushing to their native countries.

In an all, the Chinese economy were put on hold; millions ofRMB were spent on health care. Til this date 24th February, 2020;total more than 77K confirmed cases, with nearly 2600 deaths and 25k recoveries.

Overseas scenario:

To cut it short – overseas newspapers started publishingstories leading hatred and xenophobia. Videos and rumors went viral acrossvarious platforms, and people started staying away from Chinese wherever theysee them. Overall, this hit a worst effect on Chinese economy.

Steps taken by Government

Chinese government was very serious and started takingprompt action. Within just 10 days, they built an incredible 1000 bedshospital. In another 15 days, they build another hospital with 1500 beds.Entire country united to fight against the corona virus epidemic. The dragonwas wounded, although a wounded dragon makes more damage!

Most of the companies provided facilities to work from hometill 3rd week of February; the schools were shut. This has resultedin exponential increase in online meeting, Online classes and e-learningmodules. The world saw a different view. This was the biggest successfulexperiment of work from home and e-learning.

Current Scenario:

By the time on 25th February, 2020; Everyone isconfident enough that situation is becoming better and better. They have trustand faith in Government and each individual is contributing towards thedevelopment of nation. By the time, I am writing this, there were only 9 newcases registered outsider Hubei province within Mainland China. (Source: Metros are 50% full, running at the same frequency as before. Road traffic isbecoming normal and we are happy to see if there is a traffic jam! Overallpeople are coming out of their home, keeping all sorts of protection – masks,gloves, eye protection glasses, overcoat – doing their regular work. Fooddelivery service, express delivery service is back on track. They will deliverthe parcel till the gate of your workplace or community; where you can go andcollect it.

Those foreigners who are still at overseas, may considercoming back to Shanghai. You gonna get 14 days of quarantine period where youare not allowed to move out of the community. You will be given a community’sidentity card. That you can show to go in-out. Whenever you will enter in thecommunity administration will check your body temperature. If it is beyond 37.5then you will be advised to seek a medical help immediately.

Hoping for the bright future soon.

About Bhargav:

Bhargav Joshi

Bhargav is a Digital Marketing Specialist at a gamingmarketplace in Shanghai since 2016. He loves to engage with people talk about new initiatives, strategies, and emerging economies. He is voluntarily servingwith Indian Association as AGSec in Media and Communications.

Rahul Rana

Submission: The unfinished fight

Lurking along with the images

That my empty mind weaves in space

Watching out of the window,

All I see are the dusted green leaves

Spread around in solace,

Nobody to walk over them

Trample them

Or admire them.

I watch the empty clouds

Fly past my window

Filled with tears from a thousand cries.

They embody the pain

That this air plies.

I often think, how

The Mankind never knew,

When too strong it grew.

An invisible force,

A microscopic entity (virus)

Will challenge its existence.

People stuck in between

Rationale and religion

Are now wanting someone

To answer their prayers,

Amidst sound or silence.

We have been challenged by the nature,

Just as we challenge her everyday.

We don’t wish to fight anymore,

Just lay down our weapons, and co-exist.

For we want no fight,

For we are her daughters

And we are her sons.

Victorious will we emerge,

For stolid we stand, hands in hands,

Arms in arms,

For China is not alone in this fight,

It is about humanity, it is about us,

Nature and Us!

About Rahul Singh Rana

Dr. Satyajeet Narode

Submissions: China’s Fightings Spirit

Original article submitted at:

“During COVID-19 epidemic outbreak, I have managed to see fighting spirit of China , consists of superb system, complete control, incredible planning, every minute detailed study most importantly amazing people.

Except from Hubai all major cities don’t have spread of infection. So how they are doing it.”


  • Each condominium, shops, have people who are recording temperature for incoming people .


  • If any suspects they will immediately take medical actions.
  • Security guards having records of all people who are staying or working in that area.

  • Based on records almost every place having facial recognition for entry.
  • Whichever place unable to install facial recognition they have access cards and yes one family one access cards this is controlling spread and movement of virus.
  • Thought it’s 2C cleanings people working 24X7 for sorting weight and dry rubbish, cleaning lift, accelerators.
  • Government is spreading disinfectant as normal, moderate and heavy dose for all areas based on periodic plans.


  • People are allowed to work from home.
  • No flu, fever and cough medicine allowed to soldat pharmacy so no one can manipulate with symptoms .
  • Once symptoms are there you need to go to Fever clinc no other can treat you.


  • Helpline are available if anyone observed symptoms and medical  team will come to help you .
  • Courier, delivery, pickup taxi etc etc not allowed to come inside community this is also stopped infection to spread.
  • Major milestone world class hospital to treat COVID patient in just 10 days.


  • Price control: No one allowed to take advantage of this situation to sell mask, gloves, medicine at higher price. Depending on your identity proof you can get these items.


When it comes to the coronavirus, Dr. Slovic said, “We’re hearing about the fatalities,”he said. “We’re not hearing about the 98 or so percent of people who are recovering from it and may have had mild cases.”


Let’s spread positivity to keep our spirits high and ease onthe tensions !

Salute to all of you guys, keep it up!

About Dr. Satyajeet Narode:


  • Doctor of Pharmacy, Krishna university, India,13 years experience in R&D;
  • Previously worked at Royce pharmaceuticals in Malaysia, responsible for new product development, development and application of its global business
  • Familiar with the registration laws of EU, China, South east Asia, etc. Solid, liquid preparation especially hot meltextrusion technology has rich experience
  • Having 5 invention patents.

Sukesh Rao

Submission: Corona Virus (COVID 19) – ChallengeAccepted by CHINA

We all know the dangerous CoronaVirus spreading from Wuhan to the whole of China and to the rest of the world.

It’s very unfortunate for aworld’s large populated country being affected with this dangerous virus andmade China completely standstill, claiming thousands of lives and also impactedthe whole world in terms of transportation, health, economy etc. But China has shown they are capable enough to take an immediate actions and precautionary measures to contain spreading further. China has not only taken strict actions but are followed by all Chinese as well other nationals and praying for the early recovery. We cannot expect any other country can implement such things and control the epidemic in such a short period.

During this time, we stayed with the family here in Shanghai and personally observed what’s happening in and around Shanghai and other parts of China. We have to appreciate their efforts as to how the precautionary measures are implemented, some of which are seen and collected through our Indian and Chinese friends are as listed below,

  • Completely lock down WUHAN by closing all meansof transportation – air, rail, roads, highways etc…
  • There are lot of incredible things also happened, like Building 1300 bed hospital in 10days, converting indoor stadiums, gyms, etc. to hospitals / treatment areas in WUHAN. NO other country can do like this.
  • All Entry to Shanghai are completely blocked and, in all airports, started checking the automatic temperature of all passengers. Same procedures followed in Railway stations, Metro stations, are also controlled and checking temp of each and every person at the Entry gates.
  • Requested public to wear masks, stay at home, avoid travel as much as possible.
  • Schools, Colleges, Universities are asked to extend holidays and also instructed to start teaching by E-learning methods.
  • All Offices, Factories, Companies are asked tokeep shut down, and Tourist spots, Museums, Libraries, Malls, Markets, shops etc were also closed immediately.
  • Digital Apps are activated to provide daily updates about CORONA Virus data, on each area, county, district, province etc.
  • Warning Information passed through all the Official Media, Official Social network sites, Saying Strict actions/ huge fines will be imposed to a person or a Group Admin, if any FAKE NEWS was spreading.
  • Baidu maps are updated to show the nearest Hospitals, Pharmacy locations, for any emergency.
  • Domestic and International Airlines have reduced their frequencies, many flights cancelled.
  • Requested China Post and Courier services onlyto deliver necessary safety and medical products on priority.
  • Barred outsider entry to any apartments and instructed courier delivery persons to drop the goods at gates.  Each and every apartment, small markets, shops and malls, all were equipped with temperature checking instruments. Arranging equipment’s in a short notice itself a commendable job.
  • By this time, there will be a shortage of MASK supply, immediately the government requested the public to collect from the nearest Pharmacy- 5 Masks per family, but again to avoid the crowd they were asked to register at their Apartment office and within 3-4 days distributed to their house/nearest Medical shops.
  • They asked many factories, some garment factories to restart production of masks, gloves, medical suits etc. and arranged the delivery to all areas, within 10 days, tried to make it available to public.
  • Parallelly, Our Indian Consulate also organized to distribute masks to Indian community.
  • From Feb 10th, Shanghai Municipal Bureau asked Companies to start work, but requested the staff to work from Home, and avoid travelling. But Companies were made to compulsorily update their staff records through an app before 10am, same will be sent to the Local Bureau.
  • Whoever was coming from outside of Shanghai, are quarantined for 14 days and monitored by the local Authorities.
  • All Metros, Trains, Buses, Roads, Apartments,Lifts, Wet markets etc. are DISINFECTED Daily.
  • If any suspected incidents were found, notifiedtheir locations, Apartments, through an app, social media and restricted peopleto going that area.
  • In this awful situation, China made sure thesupply of all daily necessities like Vegetables, Milk, Bread, Medicines, the public were uninterrupted.
  • Indian Government also helped China by sendingmedical supplies.
  • In this difficult situation, China government has taken decisive actions, and all citizens patiently followed without complaining any losses / difficulties. China economy suffered a massive loss and also the interruptions in China production impacted thesupply chain of the entire World.

We all have to standby with China at this crucial time and support them whole heartedly to fight against this deadly virus. Nevertheless, HATS OFF TO their efforts and action plans.

We pray that CHINA will soon get back tonormal at the earliest.


About Sukesh Rao:

Sukesh Rao

My self Sukesh Rao, working as a Team Leader – Quality and Development for ERIKS FLOW CONTROL, a European Company. I am from Mangalore, India. I live in Shanghai since 2006 with my Family. I have a Daughter study in SSIS. Travelling many parts of China for business purpose. Involved with someof our social and community activities, here in Shanghai.  I have many Chinese friends and get good support and cooperation from them. We are Living happily and very safe here in Shanghai.

Sumedha De

We believe in You! Let’s help each other!

Sumedha De

About Sumedha

Sumedha De

​Sumedha is 10yrs old, goes to 4th grade in SMIC school, Shanghai. She is very creative and has an artistic nature, loves to sing and dance. She enjoys reading as well.

Music Maestro – Lalit Pandit

About Lalit Pandit:

He is the maestro of Indian music. He composed all times hit Indian music songs of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Ghulam, Mohabbatein, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham to name a few. He performed during IA’s Diwali 2019 nite.

Wishing you a bright future! Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

Team ia.

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