Lets stand with Kerala | Kerala Flood Relief Donation Collection

There is a crisis in Kerala where due to heavy rain, there has been severe flooding, that has resulted in loss of life and property. Thousands of people have been rendered homeless and you can read about the crisis on the news by googling "floods in Kerala”.

300+ people have lost their lives as of now and over hundred thousand people displaced. While our Government , Armed forces and Volunteering citizens are providing first response, the big challenge is to get them rehabilitated in their homes once the weather dries up.

It is our duty as those blessed with material wealth by the Almighty to help our brothers and sisters in distress, and your association has planned to collect contribution from the community and give the funds to CMDRF ( Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund ). https://donation.cmdrf.kerala.gov.in/#donation

If you wish to contribute, you can do an online payment by clicking here - https://yoopay.cn/event/87246997

Volunteer Contact's :

1. Sreejith 13817773675

2. Renjith Mylatte 13611814181

3. Rahul Bagde 18616609944

4. Tapan Gadodia 18802151133

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