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Vision and Mission

The mighty tidal wave of progress in China is pulling in people from all over the world. Indians who have from times immemorial shown sturdy migrant tendencies – and are actually all over the world – are arriving daily in a steady stream at the glittering port of Shanghai. And with them are coming not only the amazing management, engineering, accounting, market research and entrepreneurial skills but also the rich colors of Indian heritage, culture and music from which they […]

Patron’s Message

Greetings from Consulate General of India in Shanghai! As Patron of the Indian Association Shanghai (IA-S) and having witnessed the tremendous strides that IA-Shanghai has made over the last 10 years, it gives me great pride to see the large Indian community in/around Shanghai metamorphosing itself into a robust, dynamic and composite entity under the IA umbrella. Indian Association Shanghai has played a stellar role in bringing the Indian community in Shanghai together cohesively and promoted real Indian values among […]