IA Mixer with with Mr. K V Kamath, in collaboration with CEIBS

IA Mixers has always been received with much interest among niche sectors of the Indian community in Shanghai. By inviting distinguished speakers on contemporary and relevant topics, the blend is perfect. This perfection was on display at last week’s IA Mixer at CEIBS Campus where the legendary Mr. KV Kamath, President of New Development Bank, was speaking on Industrial Revolution 4.0!

Mr. Kamath touched on topics ranging from Mobile Internet to IoT, Articifical Intellignece and Blockchain, and how these are transforming and disrupting industries. Citing video streaming platform Netflix’s role in the demise of video rental chain Blockbuster’s demise, he added, “Only those who dare to embrace new mind-sets will have a chance to survive.”

The business guru concluded his speech with an analysis of the role developing economies can play and how they can leverage the rise of the 4th Industrial Revolution. “China, India, and Africa will keep driving global growth”, given that “huge unmet development needs exist in these countries’ economic context,” he said. “That provides an opportunity [for them] to leap-frog [ahead of others].”

The event, moderated by CEIBS Professor of Entrepreneurship Ramakrishna Velamuri, was attended by the school’s students, alumni, staff, and many members of the Shanghai-based Indian business community.

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