Shanghai Children Home

IA has been engaged in and supporting activities that are oriented towards charity regularly for years. “Seva” is one of the core objectives of the IA and in the DNA of every Indian. From annual blood donation drive, sponsoring education of Children to jointly building a school for earthquake victims in Sichuan province, your association has been actively delivering on this core objective.

With a vision to give more sustainable and perennial character to the Seva activities, your association has reached an understanding with the “Shanghai Children’s Home” located at 9977, Zhong Chun Road South in the Minhang District.

Members of the community are invited to express their love and “Seva” spirit by way of volunteering their time at the school. This is what really matters.

Volunteers are expected to take one child to the Rehabilitation Centre on campus and shower them with love and care. If you are able to spare 2 hours per week for one season of 3 months ( Monday 2 - 3:30 pm ) please email us on or contact Tapan Gadodia on 18802151133.

Shanghai Children’s home, established in 1911, is the city's oldest and largest specialized state run orphanage and has been used by the central government as a model for orphanages throughout the country. It is used as a showcase orphanage for China and visited by leaders of the stature of Mr Xi Jinping. The criteria for living in the home are : orphans below the age of fourteen, without relatives or friends available to provide care, infants who have been abandoned, and children below the age of thirteen whose parents are Shanghai citizens but are legally prevented from being able to care for their children and who are without relatives and friends.

The able bodied children are employed after age sixteen, disabled children are transferred to another welfare institute after the age of fourteen. Abandoned children or orphans are either sent for adoption or reunited with their birth families.

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