Contact Us

For queries, please contact us on any one of the emailids or phone numbers below:

President: Mukesh Sharma
Mobile Number: 13816113930
WeChat id: Mukeshs2014

Finance Controller: Phani Kiran Immaneni
Mobile Number: 13818045875
WeChat id: phanikiran2711

General Secretary, Culture: Ritika Singh Kumar
Mobile Number: 13817481339
Email id:
WeChat id: Akitir11

Additional General Secretary, Culture: Tanvi Kharwadkar
Mobile Number: 15900578703
Email id:
WeChat id: Tanvi1968

General Secretary, Charity: Rahul Bagde
Mobile Number: 18616609944
Email id:
WeChat id: rahulbagde78

General Secretary, Sponsorship: Nitin Soni
Mobile Number: 13611731787
Email id:
WeChat id: nitin0080

General Secretary, Media and Communications: Bhargav Joshi
Mobile Number: 13162976303
Email id:
WeChat id: bhargavjoshi20

Additional General Secretary, Communications: Divya Raj
Mobile Number: 15021787917
Email id:
WeChat id: divyaraj17

Additional General Secretary, Media: Vishnu VR
Mobile Number: 18721977884
Email id:
WeChat id: r_vishnushnker


General Secretary Business: TBA

General Secretary Sports: TBA

General Secretary, Memberships: TBA

Past President: Amit V. Waikar
Mobile Number: 13918228393
Email id:
WeChat id:waamit

Past President: Chandrika Chunilal
Mobile Number: 13816803524
Email id:
WeChat id: chandrika286

Past President and Founder Member: Vivek Arora
Mobile Number: 13801784265
Email id:
WeChat id: chinaxpat

For consular services, please visit Indian Consulate Shanghai's website -

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